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FLYER is now available on the iPad

It took us a while, but we got there in the end and FLYER is now available on your iPad. Right now you'll find the June issue along with a couple of back issues. In the near future we'll be adding more issues and more features, this is just the first step…

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By DavidC
This is really useful. I use the iPad to browse a few magazines and newspapers these days.

Couple of quick questions:

The app costs £2.99. Is that per issue or a one-off? And do you have to have a standard/postal subscription to download each issue?

The only thing I can't do now is cut out the free landing coupons...
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By sandy771
This looks interesting

A few Questions is it £2.99 for the app and then do we additionally purchase an issue/subscription for the mag?

can we transfer our paper subscription to a digital one?

Could we get access to all of the back issues that we have previously purchased in paper form - I'd love to have an archive of all this flight tests/articles. I wouldn't want to pay for each issue again but would be prepared to pay something for this. I appreciate that this one might be a bit difficult to administer.
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By sandy771
OK partly answered my own question by hitting the buy button :)

£2.99 gets you the app and one free issue (from an odd choice of Jan, Feb, May or June). you can then purchase 6 issues for £14.99 or 13 for £26.99 or buy a single issue at £2.99 a pop.

Download takes about 5 minutes (I do have a carp internet connection)

had a quick play and it looks nice. There might be an option to generate more revenue by going with a more interactive format - i.e clicking on an add in the classified openeing up a higher res picture or more details (would advertisers pay for this). or clicking on say the garmin add taking you to the appropriate garmin web page. Embedded movies would really make a difference and might be something that people would pay a little extra for. I see that the app supports this - are these something we may get in the future?

A higher level zoom would be good - it looks like the resolution of the pictures is such that it would support it.

Its pretty much everything I wanted though and I appreciate that you are limited by the app you have chosen - above might be something to feed back to them.
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Hi all

Just got back from business trip today and it is press week - I will come back and participate here ASAP, but need to do a couple of old fashioned print type things first.


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By jollyrog
Do I have to give over the whole iPad to get a free landing? :?
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By Moli
Looks very nicely done but how would we be able to redeem the free landing vouchers?

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By sandy771
I have just tried the iPhone version and unfortunately on the 3gs I cant zoom in enough to read the text without my glasses (I can read emails and txts OK).

On the plus side it allowed me to download a different free version :). Not sure how it will cope once I have subscribed - I assume I will gte acces to al paid for versions on both devices?
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By Josh
I found it relatively easy to use; any chance you could tell us how big the download is each month?
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By SteveC
Fabulous. A little room for improvement but terrific leading edge stuff Ian. I shall be subscribing as soon as my paper one runs out as I see this the way of things to come. It also keeps my wife happy with her eco warrior hat on!!
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Thanks all, a couple of quick points...

1. We're working on reducing the download size and have a few ideas there
2. We're thinking about the best way to deal with the landing fee issue. We have a couple of ideas, but we're trying to automate them as much as possible, so more work needed.
3. This is just the start of the iPad/tablet project, we will be adding features…
4. A few people have asked about free iPad editions for existing subscribers to the print edition. Sadly, we can't figure out how to do that at the moment.

More soon

Thanks again

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By akg1486
Good news for us non-Brits! Even though AppStore thinks a pound is more worth than it actually is at the moment (I paid just over 3.50 pounds in real terms) it is much cheaper than to buy the magazine from a specialty shop were I would pay three times as much. Download was pretty quick, I think, with my medium bandwidth connection.

I'll probably buy an issue now and then, which I have essentially only done when in the UK. So you got some extra revenue right there. What would be nice would be to buy older issues at a discount. Say 50% for issues older than two months?

So now Flyer is in the 21st century. All we have to do now is to bring our spamcans there, too. :-) Thanks, Ian!

/Peter (Sweden)
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By sandy771
G-BLEW wrote:1. We're working on reducing the download size and have a few ideas there

I would not be in favour of anything that reduced the qaulity (and TBH the download time was not long and I have a **** connection) I would prefer max quality for images so we can zoom in and make use of the digital format rather than hamstring it to make it like the printed one.