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Flying something as iconic as the Lancaster is way more than a rare opportunity, it’s also an absolute honour and privilege to follow in the footsteps of the guys who did so much for Europe.

For me, even better than the flying, is getting to meet the veterans. The pilots who flew these aircraft operationally during And your favourite airfield? WWII and suffered terrible losses, are my heroes. They’re now in RAF Lyneham, my first operational base and home of the their mid-90s, shuffling up to the Lancaster with their sticks and Hercules. It was such a friendly place, with everyone working zimmer frames. However, as soon as they touch her, the aids are towards the same goal and a feeling of camaraderie. It closed in thrown away and they’re 21 again, which is beautiful to see. 2012 and, like all others who were based there, I miss it a lot.
I flew in Lancasters from St Mawgan in 55/56--not aircrew--doing work on sonobuoys detecting subs.
The last Lancaster in service ceremony was in 1956 at St Mawgan. It"s on u tube if anybody is interested---Pathe ? news I believe.