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By PaulB
I could be wrong, but think that it used to be possible for people to delete their own post so long as it was the last post in a thread. (If there was a post subsequent to it in the thread, the only option was to edit.)

I have noticed that this is no longer the case and even last posts can't be deleted. Has this changed or am I mistaken?

Just curious.....
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By Rob P

You cannot delete posts in this forum.

You aren't wrong

Rob P
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By skydriller
I had this a couple of weeks ago - using a slow connection I inadvertently posted something twice and couldnt delete the last post, I could edit it saying "duplicate post deleted" though. Ive notice a few posts with " . " so I guess its the same problem.

Regards, SD..
By PaulB
I’m sure that we (as non-Mods) used to be able to delete one of our own posts so long as it was the most recent post in the thread.

We can’t now so something seems to have changed.
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By PaulB
Well, I think I’ve just managed to delete a post in the non-Av forum, so this issue appears to have been fixed.