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By Awful Charlie
Looks like the LetsEncrypt certificate has expired
(Valid to 31 March 2019, 22:02:35 GMT)
By riverrock
Indeed - looks like their SSL cert has expired. Not a serious risk / threat but all browers will complain lots till its sorted.
By riverrock
Paul_Sengupta wrote:There's no https. My Chrome keeps complaining and getting me to confirm I want to go to the "unsafe" http! Not secure!

Hmm - not my version of chrome.
Its still https but cbrome says it isn't secure due to the expired cert.
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By PeteSpencer
My security system tells me Flyer Forum's certificate expired yesterday and therefore is unsafe as it may be someone trying to scam me.
Of course it can be bypassed till IS puts another shilling in the meter.

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By Rob P

The https in the url is crossed through also

Rob P
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By carlmeek
The SSL cert expired - DOH! (Or it's an April fools joke!!)
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By carlmeek
I got this message:

Warning this site is unsafe. I then clicked to continue and it redirected me to the url I then got:

Please Enter the following information to confirm your identity:

Credit Card Number:
Expiry Date:
CCV Code:
Bank Account:
Sort Code:
National Insurance Number:
Mothers Maiden Name:
Wifes Name:
Childs Name:
Type of First Car:
First School:
Fathers Name:
First Pet Name:

After entering all that I paid £60 on PayPal to re-enable the site, but it still didn't work. Luckily they called me up and we made sure the payment went through by confirming it as a direct debit. They reassured me it was just a one-off payment though. Also the amount was showing as £6000 but they said it was just the decimal point showing in the wrong place, no need to worry.

Anyway - after all that done, the SSL is still expired, what did I do wrong? It took me ages to enter all that security information, so frustrating.