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By PaulB
First time it’s happened to me this evening - like about 5 mins ago. Even the dating site adverts (which seem to have disappeared were better than this.)

Safari on an iPad.
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By PaulB
..... and, touchwood, it seems to have stopped almost as soon as it started.
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By flybymike
MachFlyer wrote:Same happening to me but mine is “Virgin Media”

Same here too, but mine is “Sky subscriber.” (On iPad) And indeed I am a Sky Subscriber. How would they know that or is it just a lucky guess?
Very difficult to get out of the loop without continuously reloading the forum.
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By joe-fbs
On this forum (and nowhere else) on my iphone (Safari) but not on my iMac (Firefox) or work PC (IE), I keep getting "Prize winning" pop-ups. I have block pop-ups set; I have repeatadly cleared cookies and history. The iOS is up to date.

Any clues please?

My problem or the site?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
It is related to Java script.

Disable it and normality will return.
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By joe-fbs
In fact thinking about it, the iPhone site has loads of embedded advertsing which is not on the two desktop sites.

Does anyone understand what might be happening please?

Ian needs the revenue, I get that, but something odd seems to be happening.

iPhone is an SE (i.e. recent) and the iOS is current.