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By stevelup
FLYER now sometimes triggers the fans on my MBP, and I've found myself having to charge at the office now to get through the day whereas previously it would comfortably run all day.

Just sat here right now composing this message whilst doing nothing else at all, it's consuming between 15% and 30% CPU.

If I flick to something like BBC (with lots more, and more complex content), the CPU is absolutely idle.

See below - this is with my default set of 'flying' tabs open, and the BBC for reference. Note the CPU usage of all the other websites compared with FLYER.

I'm not going to block ads, because it's not fair on Ian and it's a minor irritant, but it does need fixing. It's probably one bit of rogue Javascript causing all the problems.

By scottish_ppl
TheKentishFledgling wrote:Thanks all - as Ian said on another related thread, the tech team are aware and hopefully will resolve things soon.

Dump that bouncing irritant right hand side advert bar trying to stay in your face while you scroll, and you could probably have it fixed in 5 minutes :roll:
By riverrock
I suspect part of the problem is that there are all the ad networks linked in at once, all downloading and getting content (even if we don't see it).
Impossible to see the wood for the trees. Something called Accelerated Mobile pages is the biggest CPU hog for me.
There are also lots of errors appearing, where there are JavaScript errors and content not found errors.

I can see connections to:

There are frameworks from:
Accelerated Mobile pages (just took 17 seconds to download that from onto my laptop - as it seems to be being served from there, and this is the biggest CPU hog on my machine)
EMXDigital (including some sort of repeating bid system)

If you want to test advertising systems - can I suggest you test them one at a time, rather than all of them in parallel?