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By scottish_ppl
This forum software is now unusable on my Macbook pro. Safari hogging the cpu, fans running and battery draining. Check performance monitor and the resource hog is

It's like visiting some tacky corner of the internet with grubby adverts that annoy me and put a ridiculous load on the computer.

Flyer a savvy professional media brand? Not the impression this site gives now.
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By jaycee58
My 2013 MacBook Pro isn't unusable but it definitely doesn't like the forum. I'm seeing CPU peaks of over 50% and temperatures above 60°C but it is varying quite a lot. CPU temperature drops back down to 45°C on leaving the forum. It's definitely causing serious battery drain. Unfortunately, the only cure appears to be to enable Adblock Plus on the site. I normally leave it disabled on this and a few other sites.

It could be worse...I updated my Windows PC last week for the first time in a year and it's now giving me adverts on the login page. I think I'll stick with Apple!
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