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scottish_ppl wrote:It's not much better on a Mac either..

That floating, juddering, jumping, totally distracting right hand side advert column is ridiculous whatever device you are using.

Is it just juddering ads or other problems as well? I'm just curious.

Maybe the name "Mac" has something to do with it? :D
No problems at any time on my PC (Win10/Chrome), Android phone (Samsung S9) and Android tablet (Samsung Tab S3). Privacy Badger in Chrome on the PC seems to have the adverts completely hidden too, although one downside with the right-hand column being in a "fixed" position is that as the column is longer then my screen is tall, I can't see any of the Flyer Fly-ins and Event after 24th February, nor the Twitter feed, unless I scroll well past all the posts in the thread.
First problem on Android phone.
I couldn't click on anything anywhere within a thread, including on my half written reply, without a popup trying to load (blocked by popup blocker). Then popup blocker got defeated and it took me to a website that tried to install a notification pusher into Chrome.
This sort of thing normally means a website has been hacked!
One hopes that the boss and his team have got their eye on this. I would imagine so!

As for me, everything still fine, thus far!

Site maintenance recently sorted the PC out and Adblocker has sorted the I-pad.

The phone was actually okay, in the end. That one was down to me!