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By Shoestring Flyer
The number of adverts on the forum pages seems to have increased recently and personally now I find it seriously off putting! What do others think?
In the last couple of weeks a new load of adverts I see are now interspersed in each thread.
I know Bossman has to make money but it is now becoming a serious turn off. :evil:
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By Shoestring Flyer
Well I have not been visiting the site as often due to the blasted adverts therefore I hadn't noticed that it had been raised before!
I would gladly pay a subscription to get rid of the ads?
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By Rob P
That's really kind of you to do that on our behalf.

Do let us know how much Ian charges you and we might even chip in a quid or two to help you out.

Rob P
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By Gustosomerset
Not wishing to state the obvious but, depending what browser you're using, install AdBlock Plus. I realise this is not great for the revenue model but you'll never see another ad....