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By Rob L
At the moment, the "Like" button (allowing one to like a post) is at the top. If the post is long (for example, a Trip Report) then the "Liker" has to navigate back to the top of the post to add the Like.

Could it be moved to the bottom of the post, so that having read it, the Liker can add his/her "Like"? This is certainly the case in other Forum-type software.

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By Rob L
Dave W wrote:A quick bit of research suggests this is non-trivial, in that the phpBB extension (the software that enable the Like button) doesn't have this functionality.

So can't do it, we're afraid.

Which one? The re-locate or the "Dislike" button that PS asks?

Either must be doable; after all, someone wrote the software :roll: It's not terribly important, but it seems that "little things" are not easily changed by the original software writers, who are humans (I assume :cyclops: ).
And while you're at it, how about a dislike button? :wink:

The introduction of a 'Dislike' Button was discussed in Feb 2016, May 2016 and most recently in December 2017.

Explanations as to why we were not going to have one can be found in the relevant threads.