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I've been pondering this question for a while, but this comment

Mods - is it worth adding "Bre*it" to the title of this thread so this with no interest in the topic can quickly avoid it?

in this thread titled "Dear Nigel" made me start typing.....

.... in a previous life in another millenium, I (for my sins) used to read Usenet News (what happened to that after Google swallowed it up). In the newsreader software that I used, it was possible to mark whole threads as either interesting (so they appeared at the top of the feed) or not interesting so they disappeared off to the bottom, never to be seen again).

I'm guessing that such functionality doesn't exist on these forums' software, but it'd be nice if it did and if you don't ask, you'll never find out
Nice idea. If it could be refined to say anti-Brexit post from xxxxx OR pro-Brexit post from xxxxx has been uploaded it would make it easier to avoid the threads that should be avoided.

Number of xxxxxx's chosen at random :) Not entirely sure about the apostrophe :?

Second idea. If it could be refined to say apostrophe post added......... :wink:
In all seriousness, it didn't work like that.... the process was manual [1]

you just marked threads manually - just the once. If they were marked uninteresting they were a the bottom of the screen with interesting threads promoted to the top.

[1] there may have been an auto-rule that if you had contributed, it was tagged as interesting unless you subsequently tagged it as uninteresting.

Having a user defined list of interesting (and uninteresting) key words could facilitate auto-tagging, I guess