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By jamespearce
Hello. Topic "unbelievable clowns out there" locked? Not sure what causes a topic to be locked, obviously down to the moderators but what are the reasons for locking a whole topic, not necessarily this one?
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By Jim Jones
Legal risks to the site owner
Boring regurgitation of the same points/axe grinding
Being discussed on another thread ( usually then linked)
Risk to the writer ( legal, very occasionally material if giving info a miscreant could use)
Bad manners

I'm sure there are others the Mods might add, but no list will be exhaustive
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By ChrisRowland
It was obviously going nowhere from the first post and I'm surprised that it took 7 pages of posts, mostly abusive, to get locked.

But really I think this whole forum is getting that way, many posts are abusive, racist, homophobic or vulgar. It's like some rough inner city pub that you might stray into and beat a hasty retreat.

Definitely not the sort of place you would take a lady.
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By jamespearce
Fair enough answers, thanks. One contributor suggested that anonymity could be banned as it encourages bravery from some types of posters who make abusive remarks / untruthful claims secure in the knowledge they will not be found out. I think there is merit in that idea.
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