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By davey
Hi techy people, is there anyway to reverse this.

It is real Pia when you're on your phone reading the forums and accidentally hit this button.

I'm not the only one who thinks this, so if you could look at some way to stop this happening or a button to reverse it I and many others would be most grateful.

Tia, Davey
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By PeteSpencer
's funny: I've never hit this button once while on the phone browsing in 13 years.
In fact I've no idea where this button is....
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By Rob P
This was commented on earlier, just after the revamp.

Caused on smartphones by an ad at the top suddenly popping up and pushing the matter down, just as your finger is descending on the "General Aviation" forum heading. Happens to me frequently, that and getting the 'Italic' brackets at the top of a reply you have just opened.

Rob P