To discuss anything which relates to the FLYER Airportal or the magazine
9.1.2 on my desktop (El Capitan 10.11.6)
10.0 on my Macbook (macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta)

Both report the same.

Develop > Show Error Console, then go to Forum > Home and enter any forum. It's always the same image for me (styles/FLATBOOTS/theme/images/user5.png)

The imgur thing is obviously a bit less of an issue because unless you enforce https only on every bit of embedded media, there's no way you'll ever stop people embedding http stuff. It wouldn't hurt to default the built-in tool to use https though...

I don't think either thing is a real issue, but the native Flyer one is probably worth fixing just because it's odd!

... just now.

I think you're right. The longer you spend composing the post, the more likely it is to fail. Which I suppose makes it even more infuriating for those folks using browsers that don't preserve the text when you hit back!
I see it now... was not looking at the Warning messages.

It appears to be a hardcoded URL, which can be easily fixed - imgur, you are right, there should be a https version available.

Thanks for your help with this - going to keep digging with the SSL errors.
Good news. The problem is fixed.

It was not an easy problem to fix. Error logs were no help - it was a case of trial and error. Turning things on & off, then monitoring the changes.

I had to read lots of different answers to what was "possibly" the problem, and had tried numerous settings & combinations, testing, re-testing and checking logs each time...

The only answer that gave me the correct clue was this: ... fari-error

Given the version of NGINX we were running was 1.10, it has a bug that very few people knew about.

Basically (as you know), NGINX would not handle the connections properly with iOS and Safari (including Windows 10 + Edge).
This was to due to NGINX (http software) and NOT our server settings.

I had to upgrade to the latest version of NGINX 1.11 - this includes a patch that resolves the connection issue when posting html data forms (phpbb posts) while on SSL connections.

This means that this problem did not affect the forum until AFTER we had switched on https (SSL). So the problem only started from the August 10th onwards.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused over the past 3 weeks with this frustrating & annoying problem.
And for the time people have lost writing forum posts, then had the browser/server had crash upon posting.

Cutting a long story short - server software to blame, upgraded software, fixed the problem.

The problem is no more. Long live the forum.

Happy posting everybody.
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