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Glad to know we're not alone :)

I get that occasionally with Safari on my iDevice, the difference is it keeps your text when you press the back button so you just need to resubmit. Edge deletes the text which is bloody annoying if you've just spent ages typing it out.

I now copy the text before I submit

2 attempts to post this
I've just lost a long post, and I am not going to bother retyping it. Is anything being done about this issue?

Current loss was in IE11, where the back button just gives a blank reply. I also get it on my iPad and iPhone. I use several other forums and none have the same issue.

Between the IE and Safari users, that is potentially 50% of your readers affected, acceptable?
Miscellaneous wrote:Just to let management know it's not a couple of isolated cases, I have it almost every time. :D

I have a few questions - does this happen only when posting, or does it happen while you browse the forums as well?

Has it always been like this or started recently? Does it only affect Safari or other browsers as well?

stevelup wrote:Only ever when posting for me.

I only use Safari, and can confirm it does it on both mobile and desktop.

Two to three weeks?

I think the big problem browser for this issue is Edge - according to the folks above, it fails every time.

@stevelup is it intermittent? You still posting with Safari?

I had a quick test on my Windows 10 with Edge.. posted fine above. Will try with another pc in a minute.