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By T6Harvard
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Well worth the fee. I too consider the whole offering, some I dip into more than others, but it's all there if / when I want it.

What about Livestream, guys? Many of us enjoy that, too. The team put in so much time and effort - they'd probably prefer to be in the pub on a Thursday evening! And it kept us sane during several lockdowns and thereafter (well by 'sane' I mean 'relatively sane' :mrgreen: ).

Perhaps those who feel the mag articles could do with a fresh input should submit something?
It must be tricky, having to cover stuff that's been done before because it is still relevant, esp to us newbies, and add lots of current articles. Plus, we get the latest rule changes, guidance and incidents to mull over. No mean feat.

Keep up the good work Flyer team :thumleft:
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I've just seen the first magazine with the new editor and, as I wasn't short of places where I could be lectured on diversity and environmentalism, I probably won't bother with the second one.

I'll keep the subscription up because I value the forum and Simon's weather forecasts.
By Aerials
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Somehow I have a Forum password that is different to the Club password. Both are on the same e-mail address.
What would you like me to do to align them? Which password of the 2 will work in future?
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By StratoTramp
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I think it's good value for money - even though I am really bad at reading the magazines! :lol: Therefore actually lowing the value I extract at least temporally. Having a bit of a re-synch today.

Just caught up with the March, April & May flyer Magazines - Noticed the quick mention at the start of Aprils magazine on the #Fly2022 update - so cheers for that :thumleft: The May issue was particularly useful with the microlight articles. I feel Flyer caters well across the board.

It's good that these issues and more are there to go back to. I have been browsing the columns and safety sections of the back catalogue as there is a fair bit of knowledge and wisdom there.

Have attended about 4 of the Thursday evening broadcasts & have enjoyed the guest interviews, community engagement & also how approachable the Flyer team are (yes, Ian too) even to relative strangers.

Look forward to using the landing fees in future.

Oh and I like the recent addition of my 'Ribena 5 yard swimming award badge' to my profile too. :lol:
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