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By riverrock
I don't know if its related - but the DNS based ad blocker that my employer routes our internet traffic through stops the advert at the bottom of the screen being visible - all I can see is the black X top right corner of the advert. As its invisible, it often ends up invisibly covering over the submit and full editor buttons depending on how I scroll. If I click in that area, I click the ad - not the submit or editor buttons, so popping up the advert.
It has caught be out a few times.

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By Shinysideup
I regularly use a VPN and this seems to take care of all these annoying ads.
By Cessna571
Problem at customs with my ipads.

I didn’t realise they were being shipped from abroad.

I’ve had to pay £50 per iPad extra (another £200), but it’s ok, because they’ve sent me a refund already for the £200.

They’ve sent me a bankers draft for £2000 to pay in. (That’s all they had).

I only have to repay them £1800 of it.
So I’ve paid it in and am waiting for it to clear.

Because I want my iPads quickly I’ve sent them the £1800 from my savings.

After all, a bankers draft IS cash isn’t it.
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