To discuss anything which relates to the FLYER Airportal or the magazine
By Cessna571
Oh well,

The forum is completely unusual even on an iPad now as well as a phone.

We have the pop ups on tye bottoms of the screen, t takes 2 seconds to type each letter (for the site to catch up with what you are typing) and autocorrect changes the incomplete words as you go, it usually goes Etsy it right, but it’s annoying wheh it doesn’t.

Can I really be bothered to type at a letter a second.

I could not prevent previousky use the forum on my phone, but iPad was ok.

Dead on iPad now.

Ho hum, I’ll not let the door hit me on the way out!

ILL come back now and then , but I’m, but have no way of post8mg here now. I’m rarely at a PC.
By PaulB
Cessna571 wrote:
PaulB wrote:I’m on an iPad and it’s ok from here.

Interestingly the pop ups across the bottom have gone again from ipad.

ok here at the minute too.

Yes I did look when I replied to your previous post, and noticed that they weren’t there. They were there earlier on the phone.

I sort of ignore them.