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By Cessna571
With the new pop ups across the bottom, I still have at least an inch square where I can read or write a post.

I’m finding this very distracting to have this much “real estate” that’s actually forum.

Also, there is currently no advertising on the left. I’ve noticed that the pop up on the bottom comes and goes,

could you add some advertising on the left of the screen, or what would be really good is if you could alternate a flashing pop up with the one across the bottom.
flybymike wrote:I have no problems at all on my iPad.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The forum can only be reasonably used on an iPad at the minute.

I’m waiting for the forum fly in thread to be resurrected.

Only thing I’m posting on now, I like the way the new pop ups come and go so that you accidentally click on them.
What nobs me off is they are increasingly irrelevant and I’ve just had a run of three for local businesses including a jewellery business, a tile store and a sodding great ad for Unicef

I've checked in the bathroom mirror and can see no adverts at all across my bottom. :lol:

I'll keep you updated.

Rob P
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Cessna571 wrote:I don’t go to McDonalds, but for some reason today’s adverts seem to be constantly McDonalds.

Is quite a chavvy site this now.

That'll be due the burger references on the Extinction Rebellion thread. :D