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By Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous wrote:Aye, I suppose at a certain age the question is more; what are flaps, than I forgot to deploy them. :lol:
jollyrog wrote:Flaps? Wossat?

See what I mean. :lol:
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By jollyrog
It does say in the Redhill guide to fixed wing operations that:
3.8 Flapless and glide approaches must be requested and are subject to ATC approval.

I've never tried irritating them further by requesting a flapless landing in the Cub each time. I wonder what what happen if they say no, do I just stay up there going round and round?
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By FlightDek
JoeC wrote:Did a flapless approach today without meaning to.

Base leg and final I just couldn't get the speed down, picture looked wrong too. Then saw I'd not put any flap in.

I did exactly the same thing a couple of months ago. :oops:

My defence is that it was my first night lesson doing circuits and only happened on the first landing. Just a but overloaded with trying to navigate the circuit without the usual references.

I finally realised approaching the airfield boundary but being quite low and with a big runway at Hawarden decided to go with a flapless landing.

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By davelee212
I did exactly the same recently - having issues with the speed on final and things just didn't seem right. Didn't take long to realise what I'd done, or not done rather, flaps still up.... Rather than try and rescue it, I made an early decision to go around and did it properly the next time :)

Only my second flight taking a passenger so I guess that was the distraction in my case... The passenger in question (the wife) was quite happy though, having already discussed going around being perfectly normal if something isn't quite right.

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By Gertie
Irv Lee wrote:Little sideline tip for 152 or 172 pilots with the "select value" electric flaps, if micro switch fails after you have selected flap (e.g. you have 20 degrees already, selecting further flap does nothing, neither does trying to retract), when you give up trying and get on with it anyway, always leave flap switch in the position the actual flaps are. E.g. in this case 20., If you give up trying to get it to work and leave it anywhere else, it might suddenly start working again if problem is merely a loose connection, not a good thing on short final. Known it twice.

New one on me, I'll remember that, thanks!
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By townleyc
Thanks Irv - as useful tip.


I did a flapless landing by mistake on my first landaway (dual) during training - many years ago at Leicester - runway 10. I was distracted in the circuit by a helicopter doing strange things, and another aircraft with the same abbreviated callsign - neither of which my instructor noted. It quite scared me, as it was only when turning off at the end that I noticed, and quietly said to my instructor that was my first flapless! I never did another until my GST

Lesson learned, but with a fairly long runway it was not a problem.

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By foxmoth
Base leg and final I just couldn't get the speed down, picture looked wrong too.

Two things I brief on flap selection:-
1. On selecting flap , check-"Selected, Indicated, VIsual" , not always possible to do Indicated AND Visual depending on a/c type, but either one checks they have run.

2. If speed is not reducing as you expect, check the flap position (and gear if applicable). It is often the first indicator the flaps are not down if you have omited checking.