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By leiafee
...anything you can procrastinate about today.

So I knew the tyres were due a change. And I knew that port one was a bit soft. and I knew that it wasn't a good idea to stand on the brake to turn on the spot as I pulled away from my power checks.

And yet I didn't deal with the first two and did do the third and scrubbed the dratted tyre off the dratted rim, pinching a puncture into the inner tube at the same time.

Rescued by the flying club CFI at HWest who got us back to the apron with one wheel balanced on the airfield forklift, helped me get the wheel off and even gave me a lift to the local ATS for a quick repair!

Note to self: Must Do Better ;)
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By Pete L
Now had a second lesson from my nosewheel flat - do not attempt to move the a/c using the wheel afterwards - now need a new nosewheel as the old one isn't quite round anymore.