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By MarkieMark
I confess.....I'm jealous.
My mistake that I made earlier this year was not renewing my SEP in time.
And now I'm regretting it big time.
I didn't renew it due to financial constraints, mostly my own making but also thinking that I was doing the right thing for my family.
I'm now regretting it and worrying that I might never get my licence back.
I'm now unemployed, desperately wanting a job as daytime TV is bad.
My advice for what it's worth don't give away your hard earned licence as I did.
There's a few of you on here that I'm jealous of, you seem to be so sorted and fly for fun so often, I wish that I could too.
Never stop though please as I love reading all your posts.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Where abouts are you? Keep an eye out for spare seats on here. Riding as a passenger is the next best thing!
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By Flyin'Dutch'
You can revalidate your licence without too much pain. Just need to get a medical and then a flight test with an examiner.

Job done.

Don't feel bad about yourself, you made the decisions you made as they seemed to be the best at the time; if now some look less smart just learn from them. Life is about learning from, not dwelling on, previous mistakes...
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By MarkieMark
Thanks for the replies.
I live in sunny Bournemouth where the the Bulldog that I was flying is based.
So near but so far.
Maybe 2015 will be a good year but any offers of a seat, especially if you're doing a little aerobatics, I'm your man.
Merry Christmas.
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By leiafee
I came sooo close to being in that spot.

Going over to microlighting is what rescued me really. Gone from 13 hours of flying in my last year of GA flying to 51 this year in the little X'Air. And still spent marginally less. If I'd flown like for like hours (or even like for like trips since the X'Air is SLOW!) I'd have been quids in.

Some comparisons. (based on half shares in the micro vs 8th shares in the Tommyhawk)

DIY hangar on farmstrip = £300/year (Vs Outdoor parking around £1500)
Insurance = £280 vs £180 (half shares rather than 8th bumps it up even with the cheaper quote pverall)
Permit renewal plus inspector fee £77 vs annuals averaging £250
Engine 100service and decoke £85 vs 50 hours check averaging £70
Kitty which covers most things at £15/hr vs kitty that constantly needed hands in pockets at £25/hour
And best of all..
Mogas at 15L/ (averaging £20/hour) vs avgas at 24/L/hour (averaging £50L/hour)

Overall for 51 hours this year in Micro £2527 vs 13 hours GA at £2975 in The Year I Nearly Packed It In...

It's not aerobatic (Though entertainingly chuckable), it's slow, it's cold and draughty, it glides like a chucked brick and I adore it! I adore it for the cost and the great vis around to views below, and the 'flying go-cart' handling, and the fact it'll land utterly anywhere and the mega-robust springy undercarriage that flatters my landings and the fact that doing our own maintenance means that I know it inside out.

It simple and fun and compared to GA it's cheap as chips. "One more hour" of flying incrementally is not much more than a posh meal and couple of drinks after all.
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By Rob P
Nothing helpful to add, just my sympathy.

On the other hand, how old are you?

Rob P
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By MarkieMark
Well youngish anyway.
Seemed like a good age whilst I was working but not so sure now looking for work.
Not to worry though, chin up, it could be worse.
Merry Christmas.
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By Rob P
Wish I was 54. :(

On the other hand with mortgage paid off and a handful of flying tokens from the government every four weeks I can't complain.

Best of luck, truly. I have been there.

Rob P
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By MarkieMark
Thanks Rob P. It's appreciated.
Reading all the posts on here keep me sane, and a few of them make me appreciate what I have.
It could be so much worse, I could be 55. Lol.
Merry Christmas.
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By Sir Morley Steven
Getting your SEP rating back isn't that expensive or difficult. In your own aircraft you can do the training and Licence Proficiency Check (mini skill test). I have loads coming through us due awareness of EASAs plans to prevent non EASA licence holders from flying EASA aircraft.
If you are any good it will take 5 to 10 hours on average, more if you are rusty and have to relearn how to navigate.

So you haven't lost anything. As soon as you have the funds, you can start up again!