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By Katamarino
On arrival at the airport we only got two greens, with the right main gear remaining up. A fly-by over club members on the ground, and subsequent air to air inspection by another aircraft, confirmed that gear was jammed up (you could also feel it in the way the aircraft yawed with the other two extended).

We circled the field for about 90 minutes at high power, full mixture to run the right tank dry (minimise the chance of fire on the side that the door is on), and reduce fuel on the left side as well. This also gave time for the fire and ambulance to arrive and set up - as well as for half the local town to come out to watch.

We prepared by stowing every nonessential loose item away, and removing things like the yoke-mounted GPS that could get in the way of egress. On final I had my passenger crack the door open. On very short final I turned off the master switch to limit the chances of sparking from the belly strobe that was about to have a really bad time. While in the flare, I turned off the mixture on the off-chance that it would reduce damage to the engine.

It turned out to be a smoother landing than some of the ones I've done with wheels!
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By PhilE
Awesome bit of work, well done! :salut: