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By Anon
Climbing out of home base yesterday, turned on course then entered IMC at 1,000ft and got myself set up in a cruise climb .

Called up for and got a traffic service, continued the climb.

Popped out on top at 2,700ft, glanced at my GPS and realised that I was almost certainly still within the 2,500ft-limit part of the LTMA. Not by a great deal, half a mile or so.

Immediately levelled off and as I passed into the 3,500ft-limit area I fessed up to the controller about what I thought I'd done. He replied that he didn't think I'd clipped it and not to worry about it.

I'm pretty sure I infringed. Would it not have set alarms off everywhere if I had? Should I be following up with someone before they follow up with me?
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By PeteSpencer
No: Keep yer gob shut.

If the controller is of a mind to dob you in, he'll do it for you.

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By Flyin'Dutch'

You dealt with it there and then, the person looking after that bit of airspace was happy.

All of their comms are recorded so sleep peacefully.

Learn from what happened,
By johnm
Wot FD said