An anonymous forum to allow you to share those moments in flying that caused you concern. You can post without registering a username, registered users can log out to post
By Guest
This Forum is designed to add flexibility to official channels such as CHIRP.

If you have experienced an incident, near incident or other aviation-related event which has caused you to feel concerned, you can share it with your peers here.

You do not need to be registered to the Flyer Forums to post here, and existing registered users can protect their anonymity by logging out before posting. You will be prompted for a username, but this field can either be ignored, or filled in with a one-off name of your choice.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, real names registrations and places should not be mentioned in order to protect everybody's rights. This forum should be about learning through shared information and experience, rather than be a method for attacking other pilots, controllers or bodies.

Fly Safely.