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By bazthehat
Sir Morley Steven wrote:I'm a bit confused. Are you saying this abbreviated call sign final call was the first call you heard? Are you absolutely sure?
I know nothing of your local procedures but if there was both active parachuting and gliding taking place I would think any regular user would be briefed on making proper RT calls.
Did you get to speak to the pilot? It's vital that you do as if it happened as you describe it, procedures at that airfield need to be changed (or the other pilot needs further training)

Yes that was the first I heard of him (I had my family with me so was being extra vigilant with listening out to circuit calls). Which is why I wonder if it was a solo student, as sometimes they do short nav exercises whilst never leaving frequency. Though that said it wasn't a club aircraft and if they were a student they should have known about not joining on final (base and downwind joins only at this airfield).

I really wish I could have spoken to the pilot. No-one on the ground heard my airprox call, and I hoped the pilot would have heard it and at least mentioned it to the ground staff. Kinda hoping he reads this post and thinks, "hey, that might've been me."
Unfortuneately there are people who do not appear to know how to switch on their radio or ignore it. As said I would have asked him for his exact position--but he may have had no idea of could have said 4 miles when it was one--or vice versa..
All you can do in these situations is to keep cool and be non aggressive--you did the right thing to be cautious and live to fly another day.