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By Keef
It was a glorious afternoon for a bimble.

I rolled the little Jodel out of the hangar, did a very careful preflight because she hadn't flown since before Christmas, and then strapped in.
The field is at 200 feet amsl, and being a QNH person I twiddled the altimeter from the 300 indicated to 200 feet. Off we went for a delightful bimble over rural Suffolk. The fields were mostly dry, and the strip (which is well drained) was in good shape. The weather had been CAVOK although there were now a few little wisps here and there. Visibility was 50nm or more - I could see Sizewell, Ipswich, Woodbridge, and the villages towards Halesworth on climbout from the strip.

Eventually, the need for coffee called me back, and I did a full OHJ with all the trimmings, just for the fun of it. Deceptive how high it seems over these rural parts, thought I. When I turned final, at 700 feet indicated, the runway looked an awfully long way below. More like 1500 feet AGL, in fact.

Round we went, and I turned final the next time at -300 feet indicated and all went well. Silly, really, because I knew the QNH was around 1033 but didn't double-check it in the Kollman window. Another one to chalk up to experience!
By chipmeisterc
Maybe I'm being slow, but I don't quite get what went wrong if you set it to 200 on the ground? Or did you miss the positions of the thousands hand?
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By Keef
Exactly so. The big hand was on 200, I didn't notice that the little hand was left of zero or that the window said something like 995.