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By Dagenhamdave
Sorry for repeating this from the general Forum, Well I flew with my iPad and Aware App yesterday, and the App paid for itself as The weather turned iffy .
The App helped me confirm my course and position when I momentarily could not see any familiar landmarks , I know I should not have got into this position.
I was in sight of the surface and the landmark I was looking for was underneath me ! but the comfort of having this app made me feel slightly more at ease so I could continue to aviate navigate communicate . As a new pilot there were lots of learning points that came out of this flight , (planning, decision making , pressure re keeping current on type, go/ no go etc ) and I can reflect on what I would have done if the weather turned worse (my departure airfield was VFR so I could have turned back ) I only needed the app for 30 seconds but that made the end of the flight slightly less stressful . Thanks Airbox.
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By Gertie
Dagenhamdave wrote:the landmark I was looking for was underneath me !

Good one, that - always look straight down!

I learnt this a a student on a navex. Having got where my turning point should be I couldn't find it. "Try straight down" said the instructor.