An anonymous forum to allow you to share those moments in flying that caused you concern. You can post without registering a username, registered users can log out to post
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By vintage ATCO
Sorry but you can only post on this forum if you are registered. Each time we try and leave it open the idiot spammers are back. :roll:
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By Timothy
One possible solution would be to have a UN/PWD combination which is published, but not too obviously (ie mentioned by the mods from time to time, but not on the front page) which the Romanians are unlikely to pick up.

Thus you create, say, username "Anonymous" with a password of, say, "seager" and allow people to log in to that if they want to.

Might be worth an experiment.
By Anon
What a good idea!

The username is Anon and the password is as suggested by Timothy.

Let's see if it works.
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By Keef
Tested, and Anon seems to work. Please use it ONLY in here.

"Anon" postings in other forums are likely to disappear as fast as they appear.
If the spammers use it, we'll delete it or we'll drown in fake watches and million-dollar bills.
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By Timothy
I think that you can give that user access only to the one forum.
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By Keef
Not with phpBB, as far as I know.
If each forum is set to "restricted access", then it can be done. But I don't think we want to go there.

We'll just use the Mod Donk Button on Anons outside here.
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By Adam
It would be very easy to modify the Php