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By masterofnone
Charles Hunt wrote:Ooh er, having all four fuel lines on KATI collapse, can I emphasise that even good quality 'clear plastic stuff' (not in the mood to research the technicalities) has a life of maybe 5 years with Avgas or E0 pump fuel. Do not use UK forecourt fuel which is now mostly E5. (ie 5% ethano).

Come 2021, I believe all forecourt petrol will be E10 (10% Ethanol).... At least that's the UK government's current plan (under consultation?)
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By Rob P
Yes, nicely done :clap:

Rob P
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By leiafee
It is SUPER frustrating we never really found a smoking gun.

If it was vapour lock as they seemed to come down on the side of, then there is a mod to add the electric fuel pump which I’ll need to look into. I hadn’t even really thought about that hold at the top in the sunshine as part of the potential cause until they pointed it out.

Apart from that the report panned out largely as my initial post reading back - I wish I’d stuck with the first field even with the overshoot - pulling leaves out of a stopped prop would have been easier than replacing the whole undercarriage!
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By skydriller
leiafee wrote:We're still very very speculative on possible cause but one possibility in exploration is ethanol damage to fuel lines - it's out there happening folks - keep eyes open to it eh?

It is indeed...

Not an aeroplane, but I had a Husqvarna strimmer start playing up after 8 years of flawless operation this spring. Basics : Fuel, Air, Spark. Cleaned the air filter, cleaned the spark plug. When to check the fuel filter/pick-up and it came off in my hand, the plastic tube had perished. Local guy sold me a new part saying, "how old? With the ethanol in fuel now I see alot of perished fuel tubing...try to use 98" Trouble is, I think some of the debris has made it further along blocking the carb/jet... :roll:

Regards, SD..
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By leiafee
If you’re wondering what this looked like, my partner in the aircraft who was on baord has put up some video (we were waiting for the dust to settle and my pride to heal first!)

What doesn’t show up well is the reason for the turnback - the cables but you can clearly see the field I should have comitted to and the late shallow turn which combined with the upslope, and sinky patch near the trees was enough to lose me all my lift in the split seconds before I flared.


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By Rob P
Oh Leia! So bloody close. :(

But as we always say you and your passenger walked away, the rest isn't nearly so important.

Rob P
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By Charles Hunt
Thanks for posting. Look, you got it on the ground a walked away, perfect result.

On your screen shot you seemed to have additional speed over the stall but then quickly lost all lift. I don't see how you could have expected that.

Glad you are both here to tell the tale.