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By Anon
I needed some hours but the weather has been bad. I decided to hire an instructor and plane from a large airport to go flying for an hour and get some marginal weather experience with 11kt crosswind and gusting.

takeoff was uneventful even with a crosswind and after flying round a few rain clouds and dodging a hail storm on the rejoin I ended up on finals with everything looking good.

airspeed might have been slightly high and maybe the approach angle was a bit low. I was crabbing nicely down to land. just as I flared either the excess energy or a gust of wind lifted the plane up.

I held off but the plane came down and bounced. I feel that the instructor saved the landing but he was very kind about it. I am not convinced that it would have ended well if it was just me.

I definitely feel like it was a real learning experience and my next two landings were right on the numbers with airspeed and angle.

everyday is a school day!
By Cessna571
The question is, how did your instructor save it?

What did you learn other than “don’t do it”.

We’ve all ballooned landings, my decisions are whether the runway is short and I need to go around, or whether the runway is long and I can have another go.

Also depends exactly how bad the balloon is as to whether you can have another go anyway.

So... I’m interested in how the instructor saved it.