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By Anon
I have always used QFE around the circuit rather than QNH, but once recently I forgot to change back to QFE after transitting controlled airspace on QNH; I only realised when I was joining crosswind from the deadside at 400 ft rather than 800ft circuit height :oops: .

So, bearing in mind the recent discussion(s) on the forum about using QNH, the next time I went flying I set the airfield elevation (400ft) on the altimeter before take-off, to do a few circuits before some local flying. It was a pretty windy day, straight down the runway, so I wasn't really surprised that we were going up like a lift. Passing the usual house, I turned crosswind and continued the climb, levelled at 800 ft and then it dawned on me - yes, 800 ft on the QNH was just 400 ft AAL. :oops: :oops: :oops:

What did I learn fom this? Don't try to change the habits of 25 years based on an online discussion forum. Stick with how you were trained and how you've always done it since, or risk confusing yourself even more than the increasing years do!
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By JoeC
Been there done that. Transitioning from Doncaster Sheffield To Netherthorpe. Made my approach call to Netherthorpe (I remember thinking that the picture looked different) and an instructor flying and obviously visual with me responded over the radio with a simple, if exasperated, "QFE!"
QFE is another "hey, is the UK way".

I can't possibly name another place in the world where this is used. I think in the US they don't even know what it means.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
The very reason why using the QFE is a naff idea is demonstrated amply by the experience described in the first paragraph.

Reverting to unsafe practise may not be everyone's idea of a good one.
By rusty eagle
I'll stick to the my ingrained habit, starting over forty years ago flying gliders, of setting QFE as part of pre flight checks and for returning to the airfield. I see the value of using QNH but I'll stick with what works for me.
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By PeteSpencer
I always check QFE and derive QNH at our strip in the flatlands before departure : I amend QNH in the air by listening out to large airfields I'm passing if necessary.

Having noted QFE on departure it's the simplest thing to bung it in for landing back: saves any mental arithmetic. Its unlikely to change much in the course of the day.

Funnily enough though , if I'm landing away or flying IFR I use QNH and don't give QFE a second thought.

Peter :roll:
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