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By Chris_N
Not sure if to post here or students but finally nearing solo cross country (slight delay as medical ran out again - the years do seem to pass quickly).

1) Added drift to wind direction rather than track to produce heading for leg close to head to wind.

2) Set height to minus 1000 feet. A/G unmanned so QFE determined by setting altimeter to zero. Instructor spotted thousands arrow pointing to 9000. In retrospect I should have realised that a QFE of 996 (read of the subscale) did not match the current UK high pressure weather system.

3) Braked too hard on landing and produced smoke from port tyre. Fortunately engineering reported polished area but no flat spot.
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By Rob P
Only three? You are doing pretty well. I generally reached double figures.

Rob P
By Chris_N
I usually make quite a few but the first two were errors that could have led to flying into controlled airspace and the third resulted in an engineer inspection.

When I discussed then with my AME during my medical he had not come across setting an altimeter 1000’ too low and suggested I publish it.
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By Rob P
Well I have either set it 1,000ft to high or too low, I can't recall which. It was only hearing the broadcast QNH that I realised it didn't tie up with what I had set. A stupid error, but not dangerous of itself.

I never thought to post it here. Not a bad idea :thumleft:

Rob P
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By Charles Hunt
Flying from an uncontrolled field, as well as setting the altimeter to the airfield height, I try to remember what the QNH was when I last looked at TAFs/METARs before flying as a gross error check.
By johnm
Altimetry in IFR is critical, get that wrong and it can kill you. In VFR you could easily bust air space by accident.

The best way to plan and execute a flight is with an APP that turns into a moving map. Once through the training that should become routine.

Our group has managed to flat spot three tyres thus far........

All of these are learning experiences and all of us still learn from every flight. Useful input and thanks for sharing :thumleft:
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By Rob P
Forgive my confusion, but an altimeter setting error led to tyre flat spots?

Rob P
By PeterMa
How about flipping the carb mixture to fully lean instead of flaps up climbing out ….. all went very very very very silent as I pushed the nose down and saw 'city/ buildings etc' …… a minor heading issue or heavy braking seems like a tiny niggle - but you do learn form your mistakes so all good : )

EVERYONE will have made mistakes & learned from them ;)