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By Rob P
Anon wrote:There is a certain "frustration" at the sheer number of times one revisits an accident.

Trust me, you will 'revisit it', mentally, on most days for quite a while. For me nearly five years on it has reduced to a couple of times a week.

Rob P
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By Anon
I hope not - but time of course will tell.

Anyhow, flew for the first time since the accident this morning. A little nervous, rather more obsessive about checking engine gauges than usual, but basically fine. Stuck to a simple trip I've done many times, in an aeroplane I know well.
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By David Wood
It doesn't even have to be an accident, per se. I had an Airprox two or three months ago. First time in 40 years of flying that I felt sufficiently endangered to actually file an Airprox Report. The process of filing reports, answering questions, re-examining assumptions means that I have found myself thinking about it, re-analysing it and generally being affected by it rather more than I would have expected.

Maybe we're just getting older, or wiser, or both, or neither...
By Anon
By the way, one other "trouble" that I don't think would ever have occurred to me before the accident.

Like many other people, I wear glasses, and have a spare pair. Like many other pilots I wear glasses to fly, and my medical is endorsed requiring me to carry a spare pair - which I did.

Somewhere, my glasses are in the hedge I scrambled through getting out of the aeroplane - having got pulled off, and my spare glasses are presumably somewhere in/under the wreckage.

Have a spare pair OUTSIDE the cockpit! I did, but just saying !