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By stodge
I'm now (at last) on the final leg of the TK for the CB-IR and looking at possible training schools to do the (fun part!) flying training...

I've been researching PAT in Bournemouth, Rate One in Gloucester and Booker Aviation at Wycombe Air Park. All three seem good places but I wonder if anyone has any thoughts/recommendations for any of these schools? They each have advantages and disadvantages but it's a challenge to decide which one to spend my cash on!

Any help most gratefully received...

Using your own aircraft or a school owned machine?
By skydiver548
I'm just getting through the TK and will be starting mine shortly and with IMC and a number of hours actual and simulated (foggles) will in theory only need final 10 hours hopefully in own aircraft (although expect will take more) at an ATO. I see Cambridge has also started offering CBIR too so may give them a try