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By Gas Guzzler
Sorry about this, I know it's been done to death, but I'm still confused (it doesn't take much), even after trawling through the many posts on here about it but.......................

I need to renew/convert my JAA PPL(A) some time in April and am planning on using the CAA counter service. I just want to make sure I've got everything they are likely to want.
So first off SRG 1104 for the licence, then do I need either or both SRG 1199 and SGR1106 for my FRTOL and the level 6 assessment? It seems the info is duplicated to some extent.
As usual grateful for any advice.
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By Irv Lee
Phone them in advance and ask what your level of English is registered as. The answer will most likely be six or expired four. If the former, forget language issues, if the latter, just do a quick chat with a flight examiner and use 1199.
Does your radio licence expire on or before your jaa ppl?
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By Irv Lee
For the frtol, you might be able to fill it in on the 1104, but to make sure, fill in an 1106 but cross most things out. Just full in sections 1,2,3 and sign 6. Do not pay them any money with the 1106, there are two types of frtol, one free for pilots with pilots' licences, one costing over seventy quid for non pilots without pilots' licences. The key is to put your pilots licence and radio licence in section 3. I can't remember if you need a copy of photo id or not, countersigned by a CFI , hot, or examiner.