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By Ragwing
1st time I have needed to re-validate my FRTOL since I got it 10 years ago.

I think I may need this English Language test as well but I have no idea what is req for either.

Could anybody give me some idea what I need to do and by who.
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By Irv Lee
If you happen to have done a flight test since 2008 you may well have had english ticked off on the pass form by the examiner. You can ring the CAA to ask what level your english is logged as. It will either be an expired four or a current six. If it an expired four, a flight examiner can chat to you and fill in an 1199 form, get a photocopy of your passport photo page or photo driving licence certified by same examiner. For your frtol renewal, use the first two pages of form 1106 but cross out a lot of sections, you just need 1, 2, 3, and 6 from memory ... and do not pay them any money.
By Ragwing
Its an NPPL M I have...prob a bit different...took my FRTOL 10 years ago...cant believe its that long ago.

I will give the CAA a bell as you suggest.

Many thanks.