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By Iceman
If you ever find yourself at shows like Sun 'n' Fun, take your Bose headset along to their stand and it will come out looking like new, free of charge. They may not be able to do the Bose X model anymore, however.

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By rohmer
Bose X stirrup ordered from USA on eBay on 2nd Jan, contacted seller to specify right hand one needed, confirmed by reply from him same day, arrived 9th Jan. £28.33. Reassembly was straight forward, albeit a fiddle and, as previously stated, needed a v small torx screwdriver bit.
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By neilgeddes
Good morning. I'd like to get my Bose A20 repaired. The volume control is ineffective or faulty and the headset also powers off occasionally in flight. I phoned Headset Services Lancing however they no longer repair Bose and say I must contact them direct. Going through their UK service website leads you into a WhatsApp conversation where I'm now waiting for a reply. Any ideas? Thanks for any help. Kind regards, Neil