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Thanks, this is very useful. How about changing the title to something like "Everything you wanted to know about flying abroad but were afraid to ask" and adding some more links - there's some great contributions around the forum and it would be good to have links all in one place.
I have never had any problems getting my refund despite having a (UK-based) German registered aircraft - but does anyone know if continental pilots visiting the UK can also make a claim? I'm organising a fly-in shortly and some of the visitors will be from across the Channel and might well be interested if they can!

PS - as regards Mixfours's request above for other cross-channel info, Dave White's excellent documents "Want going Foreign Info? ( )and French RT Kneeboard ( should be just what you are after!
The only issue with this 'online' form is that it has to be printed, signed and sent in the post, 7 pages 4 if you can print 2 sides.
Hardly online by today's standards, bearing in mind that many people completed tax returns, vat etc online.
Its a bit of a faff the first time round as you need to save the PDF and then use a PDF editor (I used an on-line one) then save the result and use the edit and sign option in Adobe to alter it each time you need to make a claim.
Ah, thanks, I thought you meant there was a "direct" way to save a version that coudl be updated for each future trip, but the method you suggest still sounds worth doing.