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By Nick Snow
I am planning on flying VFR from North Weald, EGSX, to Amsterdam, EHAM, VFR in a DA42. Seems all straightforward, no slot required and handling from KLM.

Does anyone have any advice? Planned route is DCT CLN DCT RATLO DCT REDFA DCT TULIP DCT SOKSI DCT NV DCT V DCT A DCT B DCT, using their VFR reporting points for a very short final to land.

Any tips greatly appreciated,

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By Iceman
I have visited for a weekend in the past, arriving VFR. They don't sale AVGAS any more but that shouldn't be a problem for you. It was all very simple via the published VFR arrival and handling, etc. was a non-event. Taxi ride into town was quick and convenient. Departure a non-event as well. We paid of the order of £200 for the weekend, but I can't remember whether or not any of that was a fuel upload.

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By Nick Snow
Great, thanks. I assume its a quick decent to get to 1200' to stay clear of airspace and the handover from London to Amsterdam was straight forward?

And yep its an oil burner, so JETA1
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By Iceman
We routed DVR, KOK talking to Ostende, Roterdam and then a hand over to Amsterdam, and descending to keep clear of the EHAM Class A. All pretty simple.

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By johnm
When I looked at the handling fees I decided to go to Rotterdam and get the train!
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It would be keen to know how much the landing and parking costs were
By ac11flyer
parking is dead cheap there with 1,50 per ton and day, but landing and take off will set you back around 70 Euro each.
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By Keef
The first time I landed at Schiphol, the landing fee was 4 Guilders (about £3) and we parked at the main terminal. The last time I went there it was about £60 and we parked at Schiphol Oost, "round the back, out of the way". It's one of those places that is great fun to get in the logbook!

The VFR approach process is well thought out, and works well. Taxying after landing can be fun - listen carefully to what Ground tell you. I was OK, but the chap behind me got a serious telling-off!
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By skydriller
ac11flyer wrote:parking is dead cheap there with 1,50 per ton and day, but landing and take off will set you back around 70 Euro each. 140....I wonder if anyone lands but then just leaves the aeroplane there..... :lol:
By Nick Snow
Handling is mandatory, so its about €200 for a DA42 and a days parking. Last time I was in EHAM was in a B200 as PA, very different now. As its been suggested the real work will start when on the ground, I suspect!
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By skydriller
Nick Snow wrote:Handling is mandatory, so its about €200 for a DA42 and a days parking!

I wonder if for that handling charge they drop you/pick you up from the main terminal, because from there, there are trains to the city centre every 10mins, Amsterdam is one of my favourite airports to travel to/from/through as really was thought through properly when they built it!!
By brentford77
Folks, flying to Amsterdam on Thursday. Schipol is a non starter for me as I will need Avgas and Hilversum is out as I need 800m hard or more like 1000m grass. Does anyone have experience of getting to Central Amsterdam from Lelystad and Rotterdam...or ideas of any better places to go? I will be coming in from Stockholm and leaving the next day to Bournemouth
By Lefty
Rotterdam or Lelystad. Both are on the main train lines and motorways to Amsterdam city - a lot closer than Groningen.
I don’t know the train times - but I’m sure you can google those. I suspect a lot depends on exactly where you need to get to in Amsterdam.

Peter Mundy of this forum runs the pilot shop at Lelystad and will probably be along shortly to offer his local knowledge.