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By Paul_Sengupta
johncondor wrote:Thanks Paul. I would love to hear from someone who has flown GS with the aux. tank fitted.

I suspect the people I know are the ones you bought the aeroplane off, but if you PM me your e-mail address, I'll set up a group chat with the three ex-owners I know.

I had reports from one of them that the new owner(s) had put a new engine in and that it went a lot better now... :D
By Andrew b
Thanks condor mine are deffo different amounts of toe in i dont know if they are adjustable. Guess I'll have a word with the inspector who looked after it for the last 12 years when I get the permit done as he lives a fair distance away :D
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By mick w
" Left hand wheel due to and with extra toe-in gives more drag and thus straightens a/c . Right hand wheel has less drag , runs free/straight and thus helps a/c straighten up . "

Another theory ...if they were ' toed out ' , the Wheel on the outside of the swing will have more weight on it , & hence more grip , so the toe out will be trying to point down the Runway , & the inner , having less weight & less grip allowing the swing back down the Runway ?. :?
By Stampe
I have a copy of the original Rollason maintenance manual for the Condor and have just located it in my man cave.Straight edges are placed along both main wheels X1 is measured between the the straight edges at the rear of the wheels X2 at the front of the wheels.Text reads” X1-X2=1/8th to 1/4 inch.Piston requires renewal if toe in is less than 1/8 inch”.If you pm me your email address I will send pictures of the relevant pages.I think the LAA have all the Rollason paperwork but suffer from Engineering overload.
Regards Stampe
By Andrew b
Thanks for your help guys I also had a quick pm from Michaelp.I have the manual gaznav kindly uploaded and thanks for explanation stampe it makes more sense .You get so many diffrent opinions on this toe in toe out on diffrent forums but I'm pretty sure the condor toes in thanks again guys
Ps Mick did my first concrete landing today at a certain airfield I'm sure you know which one ...I made sure I didn't have to go around in case they thought I was doing doing low level aerobatics ☺
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By kanga
pilotbarry wrote:Wouldn't it be nice to have a Condor flyin next year? I'm sure Wickenby or Breighton would be happy to host it for us.

Plenty of room on the JAM apron (we had ~40 for a type fly-in and BBQ), and a Museum to visit, too .. :)

[Condors (Druine first flight 1955) are almost contemporary with later Meteors (production until 1954 at least, IIRC) ]
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By Andrew b
Yes i thought the same Barry it would be nice to get nice to get a few together .I can't remember ever seeing more than one at a time.These things take organising I'll be at north Coates brass monkeys in Jan weather permiting
By condor17
Johncondor , Any New Year pressies to share ?

mick w , to me toe out would help increase the swing .. swing right , LH wheel runs true , RH wheel extra drag , = more swing . But as you say it's only a theory .

pilot barry , good idea . Might be a bit Ultra Long Range for the far SW. a/c.

Kanga , JAM fly-in sounds good . Not too far for 67L. bladders from the SW.
Not sure about your allusion to Meteors ... Condors have about 36 out of 48 built still flying ... Meteors ?

Andrewb , last summer 3 Condors one behind the other on final approach .

rgds condor ,
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By cockney steve
The excerpt from the manual, as posted by @Stampe is somewhat ambiguous in it's wording, however, the phrase " .Piston requires renewal if toe in is less than 1/8 inch”.
would seem to confirm that toe-in is standard.

That would seem logical. Assuming the stub-axles are outboard of the legs, the drag on the wheels would tend to pull them backward and hence they'd twist about the leg and try to splay outwards .
RWD cars invariably have front-wheel toe-in for this reason, whereas FWD cars toe-out. ones with soft suspension-bushes can clearly show an initial forward movement of the wheels when pulling away. the change to toe-in, when this happens, is too small to see, but tyre wear can be quite marked and rapid. Excessive Toe in wears the outside edge, toe out, the inside edge....all bets are off if camber or castor are wrong!
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