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By Paul_Sengupta
A friend of mine is based at Tierp. If you are going to land there I can send you contact details.

He's Australian, but don't hold that against him.
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By akg1486
mmcp42 wrote:I'm looking at flying into Save as my son lives really close by
aside from the £30 landing fees - do you have any idea what parking for a couple of days would cost?

The airport web site says that landing fee for MTOW <2000 kg is 200 SEK. For larger aircraft, it's 150 SEK per 1000 kg, i.e. 450 SEK between 2000 and 3000, 600 between 3000 and 4000 and so on. Parking for MTOW <2000 kg is 100 SEK per 24 hours on the tarmac, 50 SEK per 24 hours on the grass. All prices subject to 25% VAT. This info is here: ... Itemid=227.

mmcp42 wrote:also - what's the weather like in October :)

If you're lucky, it's fantastic: crisp days with infinite visibility; it you're unlucky, it's like in the UK.

We have a little mini-guide for visitors on our home page: It also links to a thread from 2011 in the ATIS forum. Do PM me if and when you come for a visit.

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By mmcp42
Peter that is incredibly useful :thumleft:
many thanks
will get in touch once I know what's happening (aka once she's told me :) )