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This is a long shot, but tell ya what, if you don't ask....

I've been a drummer for 10 years, played in big bands, small bands, function bands, original bands, elastic bands (just kidding) - you get the idea.

However, touring and whacking skins (oi, no dirty thoughts) has waned slightly, but my passion for being in the air hasn't.

As a lowly musician, finding a pot to **** in is quite a challenge, so in the interests of reverting to a pre-currency skills trade.....who wants to take me flying in return for learning to play the drums?

Failing that, sod the drums and ill just pay for your fuel and your landing fees.

Go on....You know it's more fun to take in the landscape with two pairs of eyes, even if one of them is a mentally deranged drummer.

(Disclaimer: I promise that I am in no way mentally deranged)

:mrgreen: :lol:
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By Keef
Might be an idea to say where you are!

I have no desire to learn the drums, but if there's a free seat in the aeroplane I always welcome company.
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By chromofoam

I've been a wally in that regard! I'm in Hertfordshire, but if I have to drive to Suffolk to get in the air, so be it!

How often do you go up?
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By chromofoam
Hi Monocock,

I'm just north of Harpenden, possibly moving to Welwyn Garden City shortly.

If you want a potted history, used to play for Touchstone, then Knights Of The Realm. Headlined most of the top London venues (not the big ones though) - My kit is mostly in storage but happy to give some tips tricks and a few lessons in return for some time in the air.
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By Paul_Sengupta
chromofoam wrote:possibly moving to Welwyn Garden City shortly.

That's near Panshanger. Hang around the airfield with your thumb out (metaphotically!) and someone will take you up.
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By chromofoam
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info - did think of doing this but I figured it would be frowned upon for some reason. Sounds good though, now just have to spend some time up there :-)


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By Paul_Sengupta
There are forumites at Panshanger, and also some frequent visitors...can see on here if any of them notice the request and make contact.
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By chromofoam
just bumping this - I'm still looking if any forumites want any company for flights in January/February?
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By Flintstone
Sadly I've only a single seater but you ever fancy standing around somewhere, drinking coffee and perving people and aeroplanes I'm in. Failing that Mono, Hatzflyer and a few others have hinted at dropping in to Nuthampstead when I finally get the Fury going in a month or two.
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By Rob L
With my respect to the Mods, it might be worth moving this to the GA forum for a wider audience.

By Hotelfox
Monocock wrote:I popped in yesterday in a Jabiru, but it was really quiet, so I went again.

I didn't know that you had a Jabiru as well Mono.

If you had told me that you was going yesterday I would have said don't bother.

I went in just before xmas. It was full of mud with a scarecrow obstruction standing at the end of the runway pretending to watch me. :P
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By eharding
Does beg the question though - if your aeroplane was a percussion instrument, what sort would it be?

Monocock, I'd guess, would be flying a set of clapperless cow-bells in 9/8 time, with a bit of funky high-hat thrown in.

If I didn't know better, I'd have Keef down as a tambourine die-hard - but I'd know better than to say so (and for those who would assert that the tambourine isn't a percussion instrument, try being punched in the face with one - it hurts)

Old Pilot, obviously, would be flying a synth drumkit pitched three times higher than most of us would consider safe, or indeed legal.

Me, I'm happy with a classic Russian soviet-bloc-rock kit - the harder you hit it, the better it sounds.
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By Flintstone
Mono. Wasn't you in the Skyranger on Saturday as well was it? Three circuits with very low level passes and managing to overfly ALL the dodgy neighbours :evil:

Actually G-INFO tells me it wasn't you. Well, unless you've moved to an ex-cahhncil house in Sawbridgeworth. I'll know it's you when I hear the chuffing of that VW engine and see your wooden cart come rolling across the paddock. How far can you get on a bean canful of fuel?

eharding wrote:...(and for those who would assert that the tambourine isn't a percussion instrument, try being punched in the face with one - it hurts)

Been interfering with the Salvation Army ladies again?
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By Paul_Sengupta
Sir Morley Steven wrote:Mines a snare. One flight and I was hooked!

Ba-dumm tsch!

Sorry, what?