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By Ragwing
Amazing video on youtube....Valance....didn't even know the strip existed so close to Gatwick....still cant get my head around it.

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By Avi8tor
Love It, Love It, Love It.

That must be awsome flying into there. I have done many flights into an dout of LGW, but never realised that the srtip was there. Amazing footage :D
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By KNT754G
Some of the Radio Telephony procedures and phraseology, both from the Gatwick controllers and the pilot, are appalling!!
By The Kid from Red Bank
Love the way that within 5 posts we have gone way off topic and are criticising the RT standards.. :thumleft:

Personally, I thought the car parking looked a bit untidy..
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By AerBabe
I went to the museum and had a look at the strip about 10 years ago. It felt close then, but this footage reveals it's MUCH closer than I imagined. :shock:
By Ragwing
Bit more of an insight into Valance airfield.

WKW flew me there some years back. I was duly impressed. And echo AerBabe's reactions.

The 'appalling' radio calls did not seem to result in any Daily Wail headlines so maybe those involved were actually communicating to some effect.
KNT754G wrote:Some of the Radio Telephony procedures and phraseology, both from the Gatwick controllers and the pilot, are appalling!!

I wouldn't describe it as appalling, certainly some non-standard phraseology going on but hardly appalling, that said, maybe it is standard for NATS ATCOs to transmit just the callsign and frequency of the next ground station when initiating a frequency change, I don't think I've ever heard the Manchester lot say "contact" :?

That ADI ATCO seemed a bit nervous about the presence of the aircraft considering he twice told the pilot to remain North in quick succession despite an acceptable readback the first time. All that traffic information to the inbounds and outbounds but none to G-SA?

The phraseology of the passenger is very funny!

Very good video!
I love that video. First time I watched it, I convinced myself that the strip was that straight bit of grass running North-South along the edge of the apron!

A note on the plate for Valance to read 'Turn right at the cess pit for short final' would be good :-)

My wife just watched this with me and became quite animated, she thought it was brilliant. Quite amazing really, because she doesn't like flying in light aircraft.

As for the R/T..... All clear and understandable, bearing in mind that he was having to fit in with a lot of traffic.

I just had a look in my Pooleys 2011 (always have the latest) for Gatwick and surprised to see no indication of the proximity of the strip.
By Ragwing
Wish I was based a bit closer....would love to try it quite a long flight at my 50kts airspeed from the N/W unfortunately.