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By CaptFlameRate
With fireworks season in full swing, I have been monitoring the fireworks NOTAMS using SkyDemon and another visual plotter; however am intrigued as to why some are reported and others aren't. For example there is one showing today in Salford, and another in Woodford - but I know a couple of large displays are also due to take place in Wythenshawe Park and on Platt Field park in Fallowfield; both of which are much closer to the MAN areas of operation. Both are large, professional displays yet are not NOTAMed at all, and I was wondering why this is the case when both could potentially be quite a distraction to aircraft on approach plus could potentially be on the flight path of any VFR inbounds or helicopter traffic to the hospitals in Wythenshawe and Central Manchester.

Is it purely down to the organiser deciding (or knowing) to inform NATS/the CAA or is there another stipulation which decides whether a display must be NOTAMed?
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By Tim Dawson
Fireworks don't go up that far do they? I bet it's just a case of some organisers bothering to get themselves a NOTAM, and some either not knowing or not being bothered.
By CaptFlameRate
Probably not - though some professional displays will probably go higher then the domestic ones. I suspect ATC are aware and will inform and VFR pilots if applicable. It just seems odd that Old Trafford regularly gets displays NOTAMed whilst ones much closer to the airport are ignored and I was trying to work out a logic/reason for this!
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By Josh
Works for me - helped me figure out where to fly tonight. CAVOK on bonfire night :D
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By Yankee-K
There was a NOTAM for firework displays this evening at Woodford and Lower Withington. There was also one stating that flight ops would be suspended for 15 minutes on Saturday evening because of firework displays.
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By dont overfill
I remember a few years ago the owner of a flying club at Edinburgh airport getting into bother over fireworks.

He stayed only a few hundred yards from the threshold of RWY 24. Despite that he decided to have a firework display for his party guests.

ATC had several reports from the crew of arriving aircraft of attempts to shoot them down. :roll:

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By Squadgy
Is it purely down to the organiser deciding (or knowing) to inform NATS/the CAA or is there another stipulation which decides whether a display must be NOTAMed?

CAP736 defines when Firework displays need to be NOTAMd:

Aerial fireworks displays should be limited to a height of 1,500 ft above ground level. Any firework conforming to BS7114/BS EN 14035-36 will not exceed this height.

Displays within a ten nautical mile radius of an active aerodrome or within an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ)may require notification and co-ordination action and must be notified by the EO to the CAA for consideration.

It is of prime importance that Light (temporary) and Fireworks displays are never directed at or towards aircraft or aerodromes. The EO should nominate a single point of contact, known as a Display Operator (DO), who will be directly responsible for the conduct of the actual event. EOs should be aware of the geographical zone illustrated at Annex B of this document, within which the CAA considers it necessary to impose restrictions in order to protect flight operations, specifically:
a) within three nautical miles of an aerodrome’s notified Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP) or similar; or
b) within ten nautical miles of the notified ARP along the track of the extended runway centreline and 500 metres either side of said centreline.

The one that Manchester suspend movements for is a charity display on final at about 1nm from the threshold of 23R, (The Together Trust on Schools Hill, Cheadle if you know the area).
By Adam Pool
Most professionaly fired mortars elevate to between 200 and 400 feet before detonation. However, some can go that bit higher, but rarely more than 600 feet. However, some fireworks are fired from high up. for example off the top of Wembley Stadium.