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By gfry
If I had the money I would get a twin otter. Fantastic bush performance, decent speed, jet a, plenty of space.
Bringing up an old thread here! Found this when searching for Stemme...

Having neglected my PPL for 6 years (except the 2-yearly SEP revalidation which would see intense flying activity in the preceding 2-3 months prior to expiry), I now have this itch to get my hands on as many different types....

Currently n=0 though which is akin to “first time buyer” in property purchases right? :D

Why no one has yet mentioned floats... Such as an amphibious Husky, able to go island hopping - Alaska, Canada, Maldives, Indonesia...

RV and other fast taildragger are fun....

Biplanes.... for that Biggles look

And as I mentioned in the beginning Stemme S10 or the new S12! Half plane half glider... :thumleft:
I reckon the best compromise aircraft is the RV8. I had another go in WideBody’s last week and I’m sold - except I like the warbird thing, hence my Chinese replica Sea Fury. :twisted:

Assuming my numbers come up tonight, PC-12 for general family gadding about (or an On-Mark if I can find one), the Chang because we’ve spent a fair bit and may as well get our money’s worth and a Cub for going to the pub. Jeeves can drive me home. Oh yes, and a Jungmann for the open cockpit thing and an Extra for general hooning.

This doesn’t include the warbirds but there may be a call to Platinum.... 8)
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neilmurg wrote:I'll take a Tucano, 2 man share with Rob P will halve the cost. [other genders are available]

Just make bloody sure you get a signature on the documentation first!

Peter :wink:
PeteSpencer wrote:
neilmurg wrote:...[other genders are available]
Make bloody sure you get a signature on the documentation first.
Peter :wink:
There's documentation? I thought we were more laissez faire these days?
Until Brexit, obviously
Having had a go in a friends RV8 it would have to be one of these at the top of my shopping list. Would be a used model as my wife isn’t too keen on me building one, to say the least.
Or a Beagle Pup 150.
Or both.
Plus something like a DA42 for touring.

I need a lottery win... :D
Lord won't you buy me a Husky A1C
My friends all fly Cessnas or have gone and built RVs
Avoided work all my lifetime, that much is plain to see
But Lord won't you buy me a Husky A1C

Edited to add - Or an A1B or a Husky Pup, well you get the idea Lord.
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With a small lottery win I would go for an Extra 33SC, and an RV10 to go alongside my current RV-8. With a big lottery win I would buy an Me 109. They are engineering masterpeices and I would spend my summer afternoons hunting down the BBMF on their way home from their display commitments. Funnily enough, I recently met their OC, and he told me they go to max continuous power for the journey home from displays if the fuel state permits it in order to minimise the hours they put on the engines. Apparently the extra wear from doing this isn't a factor. He said it was bloody good fun in the later marks of Spitfire as it meant doing 280kt at low level. Lucky sod.
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I have promised my wife that I'll have no more than three aeroplanes at a time, preferably shares.

At the moment actually on 2: airways equipped AA5a for trips, and Bolkow Monsun for fun.

Nothing microlight or tailwheel, which mildly distresses me. I think I want a share in a Minimax or suchlike?

I only need one aeroplane

It must be able to go very very fast, carry an elephant (or two), land and take off from a postage stamp, burn bu&&er all fuel, cost peanuts to maintain, and procured free with half a dozen breakfast cereal packet tops.
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