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By derekf
I think what might be nice would be...
PA12 for fun
C172 for quick hops around with not too many people
PA32 longer hops and touring round Italy or allowing 4 people with luggage (or 6 travelling light_
C310 to go faster and potentially higher with more room and luggage space than the PA32 (plus a spare engine)
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By tomshep
Something comfy for going places and something quick for fun.
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By Chilli Monster
Dave Phillips wrote:A Twinstar to transport Dog, Child and Wife to the far flung reaches of these isles (aka my mother)...............

..............A King Air - just because it is an outstanding aircraft.

If I had the King Air I certainly wouldn't be messing about with a Twinstar
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Five is the right answer

- One for summer evening flying, perhaps even a Cub!
- One for Aeros, probably a Jungman
- One for those places without runways, say an R66, EC120 or MD500
- One for going places fast, perhaps a TBM850
- One for flying a bit and then trading to keep things interesting - Cessna 195, Steerman, anything by Miles, Chipmunk, Yak 50, Beech 18 etc. etc.

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By gfry
At one point I had 4.

C337 for ditsance and touring
PA32 for heavy flights
PA28 for bimbling
AA5B when the PA28 was INOP

Now days I have the AA5B, want another 6 seater though.
By proteus
I think three would do me nicely,

A husky with big tyres for strips and rough stuff
an RV8 for a bit of fun and getting places quickly
then something for carrying a few people about, perhaps a 6 place bonanza or Jetprop/tbm.
If I win the Euro Lottery next week I will be shopping for a B25 And a P51.
I have already had most of the aircraft on my wish list that I could afford so now I suppose I can only dream.
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By Rob P
An RV4 for bimbling around on a summer's evening
An RV4 for high speed blasts across the Channel with my significant other
An RV4 for aeros

Yup, three should be enough :D

Rob P
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By Genghis the Engineer
How many do I need?

I'd argue four:

- 3-axis microlight
- flexwing microlight
- good touring light aeroplane
- Interesting vintage taildragger.

My wife would argue - an aeroplane and a microlight

- I currently have three, which I suspect is the compromise I'll have for the foreseeable.

There's some interesting interpretation of need here.

But in the sense of 'necessary to sustain ones own sense of sanity' I'll say a minimum of one.

Once we get into how many we would like, all the numbers have to double as anything desirable has to have a clone to allow for downtime.

I reckon I could survive happily enough with the Champ and a DC3.
And clones.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Genghis the Engineer wrote:- I currently have three, which I suspect is the compromise I'll have for the foreseeable.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I was supposed to come flying in one of yours (not the flexwing...) wasn't I? :D
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By Genghis the Engineer
You were, the one that we've managed 3 hours in this year between faults. Hold fire, I'll let you know if we've managed to get it serviceable for a whole uninterrupted week - at which point pax flying might seem moral and sensible again!