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At first it was just about owning any old aircraft...

then it occurred to me that I needed something fast for touring and also a little runabout to fly from my local strip.

But I've recently realised that I also must have something cute and shiny like this

then there's something for aeros....

and I noticed a beautiful 1935 Hornet Moth for sale on AFORs, these historic aircraft really do need to be preserved

I think I need help,

or a lottery win
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By Frank Leopald
Nurse! The screens - this looks like a hopeless case. :lol:

Have you tried the 80/20 rule? Have something you need all the time and something else for doing... well, something else.

So the Beechcraft is for special days when all your new friends (but remember I'm your new best friend) want to go someplace.

Rest of the time the de Havilland will make an excellent pootler. With another seat for that special best friend - me!

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By Paul_Sengupta
I have a Bulldog to take all my friends when I want to go somewhere. It still leaves me with a spare seat.


Joking aside, it would be nice to have a six seater to take a couple of friends and their spouses somewhere, perhaps 2 or 3 times a year. Perhaps I should hire one and cost share.
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By 4535jacks
I think two would be perfect, a share in a 4/6 seater touring aircraft for the days you want to take passengers and on the side own a cheap to run, fast single seater (Corby starlet, Taylor monoplane etc) as a run around and play-thing for the rest of the time.

I can't afford two aircraft at the moment and my career means I can not share own (too much relocating) so I have found the perfect middle ground, the Jodel 150 Mascaret which a fast tourer that is fun to fly and relatively cheap to run :thumright: . Perfect for my needs.
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By Aerotech Flyer
I really shouldn't be so smug :silent: but fate has dropped me a perfect combination, as the Maule ticks so many handy boxes in being a great strip machine when the suicidal fun factor needs an itch or even when 4 people plus bags needs to go a distance at 120 knots. Then of course my "dearest" friend lets me take his Malibu away if I need to do some serious touring or take 6 people to Le Touq in style, so the only hole left in my full flying circle would be the provision to make myself sick when the urge took me, so probably a share in an RV8, a Bulldog or a Decathlon would solve that requirement.
Incidentally we saw my old friend Andy Foan's lovely Beech 18 at Dunkeswell on Thursday,... it's for sale apparently if you do want one!!
My own personal lottery choice to tick every box with only two aircraft would be:
1. Yak 18T for strips, aeros and runaround touring.
2. Piaggio Avanti for the weekends away :wink:
Dream on!
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By Ben
Aerotech Flyer wrote:2. Piaggio Avanti for the weekends away :wink:
Dream on!

I will let you fly mine when I don't need it. 8)
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By DBo
Paultheparaglider wrote:The answer is, and always will be, n+1. Where n is the number you currently own.

Remember also the upper limit of x-1 with x being the number that will get you divorced!

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Ummmmm, I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I have always bought a 'stable' of cars which have different uses, if money was no object I'd love to do the same with aircraft.

Cirrus SR22 for serious touring

CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS with 180 hp lightweight engine and Tundra tyres for strip fun and Lundy Island trips

And a Supermarine Spitfire Replica, just because. An original would obviously be better but I'm not sure my piloting skills would be up to it. to dream some more.

A Twinstar to transport Dog, Child and Wife to the far flung reaches of these isles (aka my mother).

An R44 Raven II to do those things that only a helicopter can do.

A Cub, or equivalent, for summer evenings and pointless meandering. Actually, I think JWL has it about right with the Carbon Cub as long as there is space for Dog to fit in the back.

A King Air - just because it is an outstanding aircraft.

I don't think I'm being too greedy. :scratch: