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By Boxkite
Lefty wrote:I like the eye witness who described it as looking like a little white "GRUB". Quite apt really.

I expect the eye-witness described it accurately as a Grob and the 'journalist' didn't understand. Likewise, the journalist thought Tutor meant it was a tutor plane.
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By Gertie
Boxkite wrote:'journalist' didn't understand

I had "half mil chart" printed as "half mile chart" once. And wasn't somthing I'd said, it was something I'd written, all they had to do was cut and paste.
By pb6797
To be fair, my spell check wants to replace "mil" with "mile" (there's even a red squiggle under it in Chrome as I type this).

So if the 'journalist' had neglected to turn off auto-correct they may well have never even realised.

I shall file that, however, as a lesson for the future. If communicating with non-aviation folk, best to refer to 1:500000 chart or 1/2 million rather than trying to abbreviate it.