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By Ian Melville
Hi Guys and Gals

The owner of Enstone Airfield is having another stab at a planning application. This time it is for a solar farm, along the length of the runway. I thought the attraction of these had waned since the change in government policy regarding selling back electricity? I note that he is playing down any flying activity.

More info at this LINK

Can we count on a few minute of your time to support a rejection?

I would suggest you use your own words, rather than cut and paste the suggested text
By BobPreston
Done - My Aircraft still goes there for servicing from Swansea!
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By kanga
done, with my own words, citing (inter alia) dazzle hazard from panels when landing into low sun, as I was at Enstone last week.
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By kanga
local council/councillor info here:

I have created a list of e-mail addresses of all the councillors on the relevant planning sub-committee ('Uplands'), and cc'd them on my e-mail. Happy to send the list to any other Forumite (to save others' cut/paste). I did this in my objection to the previous proposal, and 1 councillor sent me a courteous and apparently appreciative response.
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By Keef
I sent mine in a while ago, and got a strange e-mail this morning warning me that I "should be aware that all e-mails and attachments sent and received by West Oxfordshire District Council may be accessible to others in the Council for business or litigation purposes, and/or disclosed to a third party under the Freedom of Information or Data Protection Acts."

So I may get sued for objecting. Right...
By nje
Just saw this in time to beat the deadlione
By chrisN
Keef, paranoia is not your usual forte!

I see nothing wrong with the email.

Just think back to the old paper days. Anyone had the right to write in re planning applications – for or against. Same now.

The letter went into a file which anyone could ask to see. Same now.

If you wrote something libelous, and the victim found out, I expect they could have sued. Same now.

You couldn’t have expected the Council to take your letter and hide the fact that you wrote it. Same now.


Chris N.